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The gorgeous lawns look fantastic. They cool our surroundings and give us a place to play and walk around. Making sure your lawn is healthy, and content is the initial step toward having a beautiful lawn. In certain regions all over the globe, having a gorgeous lawn comes naturally and with little effort. However, maintaining a beautiful lawn is more complicated.

Lawns require water, food, and regular maintenance. It may sound simple until you consider all the factors that affect your yard;
The kind of grass you plant on your lawn,
The microclimate in which grass can thrive in,
The soil's condition,
The frequency and quality of lawn care,
Plus, much more!
Luckily, the grass isn't too hard. Little positive actions can help you achieve the outcomes you're hoping for. Grass doesn't require an ideal growing environment; however, it needs to be "good enough."
So don't wait any longer. Call Handyman Helper Lawn Care Services today and let us help you get your lawn back to its beautiful best!

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Lawn Care Services.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Fertilization and weed control are vital aspects of lawn care. Our number one service is weed control. We do everything possible to ensure your lawn is free from weeds. Fertilizer comes in a poly-coated, granular form packed with nutrients and other extras. It's a slow-release fertilizer that doesn't require you to water it immediately or to know when to mow. A beautiful lawn and landscape can add value to your home.

Our lawn technicians have undergone extensive training and are licensed and experienced to ensure the best results. We will assign a primary lawn technician to your lawn to get to know it and to do the necessary things to make it lush, green, thick, healthy, and beautiful. We are one team. Together, we will monitor your lawn. We will leave you notes and suggestions for improving or correcting the situation. We will only recommend things that will enhance your lawn's beauty. Our products are pet and child-friendly, which is a bonus for you and your lawn. Our complete fertilizer and weed management programs come with free service calls.

In addition, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products and services.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is one of the best ways to improve lawn health. Core aeration can help reduce soil compaction, allowing roots to grow deeper and more robust. As a result, it reduces thatch and provides air, water, and fertilizer to reach the root system. Core aeration also effectively controls drainage issues, promotes new seed germination, and helps control problem weeds. The best time to core aerate your lawn is in the Fall when the grass is actively growing. However, if necessary, we can also do core aeration in the Spring or Summer.
And because a healthy lawn is happy, you can also expect a decrease in weeds and thatch.


Overseeding your lawn is a fine way to ensure a thick, healthy lawn that can resist disease and tolerate drought. Overseeding also allows you to grow new grass varieties that may be more resistant to pests and other problems.

The best time to Overseeding your lawn is in the fall when the weather is cooler and the days are shorter. This gives the new grass time to establish itself before the heat of summer arrives.

Overseeding is a simple process, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure success.

Grub Control

Annual white grubs are the white grubs that regularly damage lawns. These root-eating, underground June beetle larvae have one generation yearly and take a year to complete their life cycle. They take one year for their entire life cycle to complete. They overgrow and reach one inch in length by September or August.

The grubs eat the roots of the plants, causing the grass to wilt or fade.
The grass will die if it is subject to excessive feedings, such as ten or more annual white bugs per square foot. White grubs can move several inches into the soil to winterize. It is cheaper to prevent grubs than to repair damage to your lawn. Our grub control service will keep your lawn healthy all year.

Moisture Management

Moisture Management is a great way to help break the drought cycle. By managing soil moisture, you can help reduce watering needs by up to 50%. This technology also increases the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers, making them more effective at promoting plant growth. In addition, Moisture Management is biodegradable, conserves water, reduces pollution, and saves money.
Are you ready to get started? If envy makes you look at others' yards, it's time for Handyman Helper Lawn Care and the best lawn service on the block. For a free estimate, call us. We will visit your property to measure it and assess its needs.

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